Peter Millward

Personal Drawings and Paintings

I've been drawing and painting in various media for most of my adult life. Drawing has been a wonderfully enjoyable pursuit of mine, so I've assembled this site as a journal of my work and thoughts.

I owe a creative and pedagogical debt to the drawing teachers whose classes I attended at the Kunstgewerbeschule in Basel, Switzerland: Kurt Hauert, Peter Stettler, Gustav Stettler, Hans Weidmann, and Mario Bollin. They explained how by drawing every day, I would train my eye to observe and my hand to extend that observation.

Over the years, my drawings and paintings have greatly influenced the work I do as a professional graphic designer, and vice versa.

Peter Millward

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Landscape: watercolors Portrait: pencil
Female nude figure: colored pencils E is for Elephant

(Some images may be inappropriate for younger viewers.)

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